Ex-Ante signifies "Before The Event", in this particular context the Spiritual Awakening towards Self Discovery through understanding of your own mind.

Self-awareness and Self-acceptance are the basic Factors that bring about the true change in your life and control the way you see the world around yourself. It is therefore very important for you to discover the darkness of your self-image & subconscious and wake up the conscious self to fill it with Love, Peace, Happiness and Forgiveness.

Each one of us unknowingly falls into the trap of blindly believing on the information imparted through existing pattern of society and find it difficult break free of that exposure that set rigid beliefs in our character. Ability for change, for any individual, is far more deep-seated than it is usually assumed and you will be astonished to see the levels you can reach in your personality make-over journey. This positive transformation in you also allows you to perceive the life around you in a more joyful manner.

It is always your internal feelings that will paint the way you experience the external world and this is what you should look as starting point for change to make your life more wholesome.

ExAnte Factor is my humble attempt to spiritually provide you with the right techniques and help you apply the same, properly, to bring about the radical transformation in your personality.