Relationship is a strong, close association of an individual with her/himself, or with other individuals that revolves around complex social, cultural, and individual influences. Right from the moment you are born, you enter into and out of several relationships with fellow beings by default or by choice. Your relationships bring immense pleasure to you, but it can be onerous to sustain a happy and healthy relationship through the journey of life.

Maintaining an enduring, healthy relationship is a challenge that each one of us faces. Relationship issues crop up due to both internal and external conflicts. Challenges you face in your relationships hone your personality and make you more mature every passing moment. However, these same demands may potentially cause you to succumb to the ravages of adverse circumstances.

Every relationship comes with its share of mutual expectations. Inability of partners to continuously match up to each others expectations and lack of effective communication with each other sometimes leads to discontent and distrust that may threaten the very continuity of your relationship.

As a couple, once the initial euphoria ebbs, harsh realities with ongoing cultural, societal and circumstantial pressures start taking their toll on you. Issues related to compatibility, individual choices, career, finances, and extraneous circumstances such as partner infidelity, children, and extended family may also develop into serious differences that have a lasting adverse effect on your relationship.

Relationship problems range from minor arguments and rows to potentially serious issues. While it is perfectly normal in any relationship between two or more individuals to have disagreements, at times, if these minor wrinkles are not ironed out properly they may end up permanently creasing the delicate fabric of your relationship.

Biggest hurdle in overcoming relationship issues is to correctly and honestly pinpoint the problem due to naturally biased outlook of individuals in question. Each individual involved looks at it with his/her unique perspective, contriving lasting impressions and making resolution difficult or well-nigh impossible to achieve.

Expert counseling goes a long way in improving your relationships by focusing primarily on identification of core problem and its source, and subsequently assisting you in working out solutions to deal with it.

Counseling will not only help you in resolving problems that you may be facing in a relationship, but will empower you to manage and improve other facets of your life as well.