EFT is a method that combines ancient Chinese acupressure with modern psychology. EFT is a psychological acupressure technique that helps to optimize our emotional health.

The founder of EFT, Gary Craig developed this simple and painless technique in the mid 1990's.

The technique works on the premise that human beings have an intricate energy system that flows throughout the body, controlling our physical and emotional health. Negative emotions cause disruption in this energy flow leading to blocking of energies.

Unresolved emotional problems, whether conscious or unconscious, manifest themselves into physical symptoms as diseases and emotional turmoil.

EFT helps to balance disturbances in the meridian system and has known to reduce the long duration conventional therapy procedures down to minutes or hours.

EFT is a very simple process:

Benefits of EFT

This simple tapping procedure is truly a gift from heaven and can deliver greater health and happiness to your door. The best thing about EFT is that we can do it all by our self. However, to reach a goal faster or if issues are more complex, working with a trained EFT professional is recommended.