Smita is AAMET Certified EFT Practitioner and possesses a strong intuitive understanding of human behavior & emotions. This training and self awareness got her interested in practicing EFT for herself and others. Her background in Psychology helps her further in understanding human emotions and feelings and how they fit into the human personality.

Smits strongly believes that our early life experiences influence our beliefs, persona and our perception of the world around us. The old coping strategies passed by our families, bind us creating rigid viewpoint that shape our personalities and fix our attitude for life. These limiting beliefs & experiences get stored in our subconscious, manifesting as energy blocks.

Through guided EFT tapping on meridian points she loves to see people expelling years of the feelings of self doubt, chronic guilt, negative emotions, anxieties and speculative fears. Repeatedly by the end of the sessions she has noticed them achieve clarity in their thought process to identify and explore all the new possibilities that are out there for them to grab.

Personally she has been on a journey of self transformation for last few years and, with regular practice of EFT, she has experienced release of substantial negative emotional toxins making her feel empowered. Repeated application of this approach has given her peace, happiness, clarity and self awareness. She now has a deep trust on her inner voice and intuitive power and is able to relate to people in a more meaningful way.

Smita is very interested and open to sharing this self empowering & healing tool of EFT. She has personally experienced that EFT generates profound results in a very short period of time, compared to the conventional methods of psychological treatments, and it constantly amazes her to see the wisdom and power of this technique in helping people remove obstacles that prevent them from achieving their heart's desire.

Her journey with tarot reading started out of curiosity and gradually she found it as a transformative means for her spiritual growth. Use of tarot as a tool has helped her trust her intuition by following her inner voice in every challenging situation.

Smita has always held on to a quote by the writer James Baldwin: "The world is before you and you 'need not' take it or leave it as it was when you came in." That always sounded like something she wanted to do and now she knows how to!

Smita is driven, not only to do great things for herself, but to spur people around her to do the same. With years of experience she feels very motivated to undertake, with you, your journey for the new beginning blending her intuition & counseling skills to guide you towards your dormant happiness.