Tarot is a tool for intuitive counselling, helping you to connect to your inner voice and be guided in taking decisions affecting your life. Tarot readings will help you to understand your past and identify with your future by divinely facilitating you to come in contact with your higher self.

However, it should be clearly understood that Tarot is not used for predictions. It only provides insights to make conscious choices about your life that will assist you in realizing your own potential through a map of mental and spiritual pathways.

Every Tarot spread for your query shows a snapshot of your life at the time of reading and enables you understand the possible outcomes, based on your actions, giving you clarity and helping you make responsible choices in your life.

How it Works

TAROT is based on the principle that the Universe has a direct connection with all beings and that it continuously guides us, through hidden signs, to enable us in making decisions, provided we can recognize these signs.

Tarot readings do not specifically tell us what to do or about the exact outcome, but indicate only the possibilities depending upon the path, or the choices, the individual makes.

In summary, TAROT will help you gain insight into hidden factors of a problem, provide options and ideas about how you can deal with them and guide you in finding solutions for your unconscious fears.