I first met Smita in Saigon and asked her to help do some readings in related to work and life in person. I was very impressed by Smita's readings, especially when development in the coming months seemed to be in line with what Smita had told me. I was so impressed with Smita's reading that I continued to ask for her to help even when she moved back in India. I could just send Smita questions and Smita would get back to me with the answers without us having to sit in the same room together. I also asked Smita to do reading for my husband and he was equally impressed. Smita is a very good reader and I would highly recommend her service to anyone who may need Tarot consultation

Ha Cao - Saigon, Vietnam

When I first learnt about EFT ,the concept of tapping at various locations on your body sounded quite unreal , in fact I did not understand how should I interpret it , as in how could anybody heal herself or himself by merely focusing on a few tapping points! I am a very emotional and sensitive individual and with that have a few health concerns which have stayed with me for a few years now so much so that I had started accepting them as part of me.

When Smita introduced me to EFT and genuinely wanted to help me I didn't mind giving it a try. I'll be very honest that a few initial sessions didn't convince me at all and I decided to not go any further with it. But certain things are meant to happen and with my psychological and health issues taking a toll on me I gathered myself to turn toward EFT again! Thinking that it's a totally harmless way of treating myself ,if it does no good it won't harm me either but having said that I started EFT with Smita with complete conviction and faith, taking it as a source signaled to me by the Divine.

As I began my EFT sittings with Smita I realized, the golden rule of being part of a treatment of this nature is that one needs to be brutally honest in owning up ones fears, worries, guilt, concerns, because as EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, it's quite difficult to achieve that peace and composure if we do not have the courage of opening up, and that's where Smita helped me tremendously to let myself be free of any inhibitions in accepting my fears and worries and guilt. During the sessions I cried, I laughed, I felt elated, and most importantly I felt releasing myself from some kind of a self created trap, self created worries, self created fears. The continuous tapping with repetition of what I felt, how it affected me and the sense of how the universe is there always to protect me, guard me seemed so light and so welcoming...

And Smita thank you for being there for me, for your long hours, for making me so comfortable in being so open to you. It is just not easy to share your personal thoughts with anybody; it takes a lot of trust and confidence. Thank you for building that confidence that I could, without any hesitation, share my secrets with you :))

Divya - Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Being a freelance Music Director in Bollywood, my profession is riddled with uncertainties and insecurities.. Smita has been like a guiding angel to me in this regard.. With her in-depth knowledge of Astrology and Tarot, she has been able to advice me amazingly accurately to work towards my desired goals.

EFT has been like a God sent for me! Many a time in my life, I came very close to achieving my goals and yet, things fizzled out in the end.. This shook my confidence in my ability to see things through till the end.. Smita taught me to tap away my fears and limiting beliefs. It has worked wonders for my confidence to manifest my goals into reality and the result is that today i already have a Music Video for an International Company on Youtube and am on the verge of my first BOLLYWOOD RELEASE as a Music Director, Singer and Lyricist!! EFT helped me discover so many hidden talents in me that i wasn't even aware of!! Thanks Smita!!

Sangeeta - Mumbai, India

Smita is a wonderful and genuine tarot card reader. Her insights into the subject and connecting the dotted lines are very much correct and true. I have been in touch with Smita for more than 2 years and always found her predictions near to correct. Not only she gives the clear scenario of the present but also helps to foresee the future. I wish her all the best.

Amar - New Delhi, India

Hi I'm Sneha, a student in one of the metropolitan cities of India. Due to the fast paced life & sky high ambitions, we face a lot of challenges in our day to day life. The world that we dream of vis a vis the real world with its cut throat competition makes doubts seep into our thought process. The EFT sessions have really been a boon for me. EFT has really improved my way of thinking & dealing with situations a great deal. My negative energy has given a way to limitless positivity. It won't be wrong to say that it's given me a whole new perspective to the future and I feel happy and liberated

Sneha - New Delhi, India

Over the past 2 years, I have been in numerous difficult life situations where your counsel has helped me so very much. I don't think there are enough words to describe Smita's gift. Everything she has said to me during our sessions feels like a timeless truth. There is an inner knowing in my heart when she speaks about my life. It is almost as if she comes from a different dimension to give me guidance, and the truth. Her readings always give me a tremendous sense of empowerment to make the best possible choices. I consider Smita and her readings to be a gift of spiritual guidance. I have had several readings already and will most definitely continue to be a client and a good friend.

Toshita - Gurgaon, India

I have been wanting to write to Smita for a while to tell how much I enjoyed going through the inbox feeds she would give on my daughters life profile and of course the tarot reading too. Smita is very gifted with a rare combination of unbelievable intuition, amazing process, cool astrological abilities and above all her patient hearing to all the queries and positive astrological guidance and advice. In a world of hocus pocus and smoke and mirrors I am very grateful to have such guidance. The most endearing trait of Smita is her flexibility and openness in considering and understanding what we want which at times we find difficult in expressing. Thanks Smita - you have been a great support.

Latha Venkatesh - Kolkata, India.